Friday, June 17, 2011

Dribble, Slobber, Drool

If your baby is anything like mine, when the teething starts, the dribble doesn't stop! I have to change William's top just about every hour (if I'm lucky) because he is saturated! And nobody likes to be walking around wet, especially in this cold winter weather!
Now there is a solution to this problem! Introducing the NomNom Dribble Bibs -
Made from thick, high quality, absorbent towelling, they can be worn for hours, or even a whole day, before the drool soaks through.

The short design means that they won't get in the way of crawling and won't cover up their cute outfit.

Their solid colours won't detract from your baby's outfit, while the funky binding still makes the bibs cute.

With 2 pop studs for secure fastening, they are adjustable for a perfect fit around little necks.

Our original NomNom bibs are also now available in size Large - to fit 2-5 years. With all the same benefits of the smaller size, now your older child can have the same protection. They are particularly useful on special occassions when you don't want their good clothes to be stained!

To purchase any of our bibs, check out our Etsy Store.

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